Population expansion of the Hoopoe Upupa epops in Silesia, SW Poland

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Grzegorz Kopij *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Grzegorz Kopij | grzegorz.kopij@up.wroc.pl


A total of 258 breeding pairs of the Hoopoe were recorded in Silesia (c. 42,000 km2), SW Poland, during the years 2004- 2008. This is almost twice more than during the years 1978-1987 (136 pairs). This increase was rather unexpected. After a transformation in the agriculture, which took place in Poland in the 1990’s, large areas of meadows and pastures, which constitute main foraging grounds of the Hoopoe, have been abandoned and cattle faming has been greatly reduced. However, climate changes (warming effect), which were recorded in this region in meantime, could have been in other way conducive for this species.

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