Investigation on breeding birds in Lunigiana montane grasslands

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Alberto Chiti Batelli *
Paolo Sposimo
(*) Corresponding Author:
Alberto Chiti Batelli |


On the basis of surveys carried out on June 2005 and 2006 we produced an Atlas of montane grassland breeding birds in Lunigiana (MS), in the Northern Apennines. We determined distribution and abundance of populations of 41 recorded species. The most frequent species resulted, in order, Tree Pipit, Skylark, Red-Backed Shrike, Wood Lark, Black Redstart. Study data allowed the extension of known home ranges of eight species and the recording of new sites of chorologic concern for three species. The realization of a Vegetation Map highlighted significant correlations between species distribution and different vegetation typologies. Many areas of high ornithological value are outside Natura 2000 and Protected Areas network.

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