The wetland geodatabase for International Waterbird Census - IWC in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, NE Italy

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Gabriele Facchin *
Fabrizio Florit
Marco Zenatello
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gabriele Facchin |


The first version of the wetland geodatabase for International Waterbird Census in Friuli- Venezia Giulia was completed in 2005, as a part of a wider national database. The database was created on the basis of the official list of wetlands published by National Institute for Wild Fauna: 136 wetland perimeters have been digitized through interpretation of topographic maps and aerial photographs. Information has been completed through field surveys. Alphanumeric attributes have been associated to geometries, concerning basic information about wetlands. Database has been published on the web in the Regional Environmental and Territorial Data Catalogue. The database is expected to be an important tool for waterbird censuses and, in the near future, for further research and management applications.

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