The impact of a central Apennine wind-farm

Submitted: 10 October 2014
Accepted: 10 October 2014
Published: 30 September 2012
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We monitored raptors and investigated collision rate of birds with 2 turbines of a central Apennine wind-farm. We detected 1,18/raptors/km2/h. We have not found bird fatalities with turbines. We found 2 carcasses: one Subalpine Warbler, Sylvia cantillans, died by collision with a close communication tower and a Kestrel, Falco tinnunculus, died by electrocution with an MT power-line starting from the communication tower.



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Forconi, P., Fusari, M., & Appiotti, A. (2012). The impact of a central Apennine wind-farm. Rivista Italiana Di Ornitologia, 82(1-2).