Birds of the Entella river (Genoa, Italy): a qualitative assessment of bird diversity in an urbanizing biotope, with implications for management and conservation

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Andrea Simoncini *
Daniela Papi
Enrico Ruggeri
(*) Corresponding Author:
Andrea Simoncini |


This work presents the first assessment of the birds of the Entella river (Genoa, Liguria), a small wetland embedded in an urbanized matrix. Data were collected through standardized in situ censuses from April 2012 to June 2017 and integrated with historical and recent data from other verified sources. A total of 278 species are known from the site; 53 species (19.06%) breed in the area, whereas 62 (22.30%) species are vagrant and 81 species (29.14%) are included in the Annex I of the Birds Directive (79/409/CEE). We determined the following indices: NP/P ratio = 1.48, O.V.I. (Ornithological Value Index) = 20.53. In-depth data are provided for vagrant species and for species of conservation concern, to prioritize conservation efforts. The results underline the importance of the Entella river as a local biodiversity hotspot and suggest a possible role of the area as a stepping stone in the regional ecological network. The study highlights a dichotomy between urbanization and high bird diversity in the area and acts as a first step towards its conservation and implementation.

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