Wetland selection, niche breadth and overlap in 10 duck species wintering in northern Campania (Italy)

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Stefano Giustino
Marcello Bruschini
Elio Esse
Silvana Grimaldi
Danila Mastronardi
Silvia Capasso
Alessio Usai
Maurizio Fraissinet *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maurizio Fraissinet | mfraissinet@tiscali.it


Analysis of the selection index, the niche breadth and the niche overlap of 10 species of wintering ducks in 11 wetland areas of the Campania region between January 2003 and 2015 revealed that the distribution of the species in the examined sites was not casual. In fact, each species actively chose their wintering area. Using selection index, we were able to measure the species’ preferences and non-preferences for the 11 examined sites. By calculating Shannon-Wiener entropy and its normalized value (Evenness), we determined niche breadth; the Morisita index allowed us to check niche overlap.

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