Time-budget of dabbling ducks migrating through Modena province in springtime

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Carlo Giannella *
Guido Baroni
Giovanni Tosatti
Lorenzo Tosatti
(*) Corresponding Author:
Carlo Giannella | carlo.giannella@libero.it


The authors report first data of Time budget activity in the pre-breeding migration of 6 dabbling ducks migrating through Modena province. Figures of 8,356 ducks were gathered in the main peak of migration (February-March). Sampling method suggested by Altmann (1974) was used. The main behaviors observed were: sleeping, swimming and feeding; contra courtship, and vigilance were insignificant, it could mean that the migrating birds are all paired. We remark the drop of Anas querquedula that few years ago was the dominant duck migrating in Modena province.

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