Mailing lists as ornithological research tool: the example of “Torino Birdwatching”

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Giacomo Assandri *
Ivan Ellena
Paolo Marotto
Lorenza Piretta
Giovanni Soldato
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giacomo Assandri |


The aim of our study has been to evaluate “Torino Birdwatching” mailing list for local ornithological research. Data of species and sites of sightings from 2005 and 2006 were analyzed. Sightings distribution is not homogenous: areas most visited are the most famous and important for rare species and great numbers of birds, and also the closest to birdwatchers’ homes. Species observed are 70.6% of all Turin province species; some species were first seen in the study area and some others were found breeding for the first time. Results point out limits of mailing list as a tool of ornithological research, but also that the steady monitoring of some sites allow us to know more about presence and phenology of some species.

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