The Wildlife Rescue Centre Ripabianca di Jesi (Ancona), data: 2005-2007

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Cinzia Ciarmatori *
Pierfrancesco Gambelli
David Belfiori
(*) Corresponding Author:
Cinzia Ciarmatori |


Wildlife Recovery Centres are important for the rehabilitation of bird species, particularly those of higher conservation interest. They are also a very useful source of knowledge on bird populations. Located within the Regional Nature Reserve, the Wildlife Recovery Centre CRAS WWF Ripa Bianca of Jesi in cooperation with the Province of Ancona has been a reference point for all those who have found injured birds in the last few years. From 2005-2007 the Centre recovered over 1000 specimens belonging to 50 different species, mainly passerines during breeding period, while raptors were 30%. The most frequent pathologies were due to trauma. Around 50% of the birds have been ringed and released after their data had been recorded according to EURING. The high number of nocturnal birds of prey pulli- particularly Little, Tawny, Longeared and Barn Owls - highlights the need for appropriate sensibilization campaigns. In some cases, progressive re-immission of predators bred in captivity has been carried out.

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