Density of Corvus corone cornix and Pica pica in different environmental typologies of North Calabria

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Salvatore Urso *
Francesca Crispino
Giacomo Gervasio
Gianpalmo Venuto
Gaetano Aloise
(*) Corresponding Author:
Salvatore Urso |


Problematic bird species are interesting for their remarkable implications mostly in the economic field, and many efforts are made for their management by public administrations. The present study investigated the densities of Hooded Crow, Corvus corone cornix, and Magpie, Pica pica, in eight environments which form the main environmental typologies of the central southern part of the province of Cosenza. The study was conducted counting the nests along linear transects in wintertime. The value of total densities found for both corvid species are, on average, low if compared with the values found in North and Central Italy in the most recent years.

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