Evaluation of an aerial scaring device for birds damage prevention to agricultural crops

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Francesco Santilli *
Silvio Azara
Lorenzo Galardi
Luca Gorreri
Antonio Perfetti
Marco Bagliacca
(*) Corresponding Author:
Francesco Santilli | perdix@alice.it


Many kinds of agricultural crops can be damaged by bird species. Visual devices as eye spotted balloons and flashing tapes have became quite popular in the last few years (Conover, 2002; Gorreri & Moscardini, 1997). Most of them are effective only for short periods and in small areas, since habituation generally occurs after a few days, due to the immobility of this kind of systems. A promising visual tool is Alsopp Helikite®. It is a 0.9-m diameter heliumfilled balloon with a kite and stabilizer attached that allows flights in high winds. (Santilli et alii, 2004; Seaman et alii, 2002). For these reasons our purpose was to conduct field evaluations of the Helikite efficacy in areas with sprouting corn and ripening sunflowers. Our null hypothesis was that damages would not decrease in response to the device.

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