The importance of visual markings in night birds. The case of the Eagle Owl, Bubo bubo

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Vincenzo Penteriani *
Maria Del Mar Delgado
Paola Bartolommei
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vincenzo Penteriani |


This work brings together the results of a series of researches on the importance of the visual communication for nocturnal birds, carried out using the Eagle Owl as a model species. We analysed the main characteristics of the white feathers of the adults and the offspring and we tested the function of the achromatic plumage in territorial behaviour and parental care. Furthermore, by means of radio-tracking, we monitored the hunting activity of the Eagle Owl and, by analysing the white tail of its main prey - the Rabbit - we highlighted the possible role of the visual communication for nocturnal birds also in the contest of the predator-prey interactions.

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