Breeding ornithical communities in the Natural Reserve “Monte Soratte” (Central Italy): composition and structure.

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Corrado Battisti *
Massimo Brunelli
Francesca Marini
(*) Corresponding Author:
Corrado Battisti |


In this study we obtained further data on the breeding bird communities of “Monte Soratte” nature reserve (Latium, central Italy). We sampled 55 breeding species (49 during the standard sampling with point counts) in four habitat types (Quercus ilex oak woods, landscape mosaics, urban habitats and wet habitat mosaics along the Tiber river). Landscape mosaics and wet mosaics along the Tiber river showed higher values both of richness (also normalizing with the Margalef index) and Shannon diversity when compared to the other habitat types. Bird community in urban habitats showed a high mean species richness but a low β-diversity index, probably due to low spatial heterogeneity. The values of mean species richness are not significantly different among habitat types. Further research should be promoted to confirm the nesting of some species, yet observed in this area (e.g., Falco peregrinus, Phylloscopus bonelli). “Monte Soratte” nature reserve may represent a stop-over site and a foraging area for migrant raptors of conservation concern (e.g., for Circaetus gallicus).

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