[Density of Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni in centralsouthern Sicily (Italy)]

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Giovanni Salvo *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Giovanni Salvo | office@pagepress.org


[In Sicily, the Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni is a summer species, partly wintering; irregularly distributed in steppe habitats. In an area of 5,000 km² of central southern Sicily have been recorded, between 1977 and 2016, 127 breeding pairs, 123 of them concentrated in 5 areas, and 4 isolated pairs in suitable sites. In area A the density was of 1 pair in 4 km²; in area B of 1 pair in 21 km²; in area C of 1 pair in 10 km²; in area D of 1 pair in 12 km²; in area E of 1 pair in 3,3 km². The density was higher between 50 and 650 m of altitude.]


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