[Noteridae, Dytiscidae (Coleoptera) of Gabon (11th part). Birougou Monts National Park (mission 2016)]

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Armando Bilardo *
Saverio Rocchi
(*) Corresponding Author:
Armando Bilardo | arbilardo@gmail.com


[Article in French]

This work concerns the Coleoptera Hydradephaga collected in several sites of the Birougou Monts National Park (Republic of Gabon), in which altogether 67 species are listed (4 Noteridae and 63 Dytiscidae). The authors describe 6 new species (1 Noteridae and 5 Dytiscidae): Canthydrus lepidus (notula group) distinguishable from other african species for elytral drawing and for shape of penis; Hyphydrus simulans (opaculus group) close to H. congoanus Biström, 1982 and H. ntsa Bilardo & Rocchi, 2008, distinguishable for shape of penis; Liodessus contractipenis distinguishable for shape of penis clearly different from all other species know for Africa; Copelatus apicinotatus (erichsonii group, atrosulcatus subgroup) close to bottegoi Régimbart, 1895 and distinguishable chiefly for shape of penis; Copelatus birougouensis (haemorrhoidalis, group, ferruginicollis subgroup, sensu Guignot, 1961 = hydroporoides group, sensu Nilsson and Hájek, 2017) with penis different that one other all african species know of group; Hydaticus (Prodaticus) lepemangoyei (leander group, leander subgroup) close to H. arcuatus Régimbart, 1895 and H. matruelis Clark, 1864, distinguishable for more width of body and for shape of penis. Besides observations concerning some of the collected species are furnished.

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