Considerations on the genus Syagrus Chapuis 1874 and the taxa ascribed to it (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Eumolpinae)

Submitted: 10 May 2023
Accepted: 13 November 2023
Published: 13 December 2023
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Up to the 1960s the genus Syagrus Chapuis 1874 was treated differently by different authors, ultimately resulting in a mix of poorly related taxa. In this study, several new combinations are proposed for taxa hitherto erroneously classified in Syagrus, and an updated catalogue of known Syagrus is provided. Based on an examination of the type material, or otherwise of the original description and available specimens, the following taxonomic changes are proposed: Afroeurydemus conradsi (Pic 1939) n. comb. for Syagrus conradsi Pic 1939, A. corrosicollis (Lefèvre 1891) n. comb. for S. corrosicollis Lefèvre 1891, A. femoratus (Lefèvre 1891) n. comb. for S. femoratus Lefèvre 1891, A. luteoapicalis (Pic 1939) n. comb. for S. luteoapicalis Pic 1939, A. sansibaricus (Lefèvre 1891) n. comb. for Pheloticus sansibaricus Lefèvre 1891, A. sexnotatus (Lefèvre 1891) n. comb. for S. sexnotatus Lefèvre 1891, Eryxia cinerascens (Fairmaire 1894) n. comb. for S. cinerascens Fairmaire 1894, Microeurydemus adrarensis (Pic 1942) n. comb. for S. adrarensis Pic 1942, Microsyagrus angolensis (Pic 1939) n. comb. for Syagrus angolensis Pic 1939, M. atriventris (Pic 1939) n. comb. for S. atriventris Pic 1939, M. laurenti (Pic 1949) n. comb. for S. laurenti Pic 1949, M. maculosus (Lefèvre 1891) n. comb. for S. maculosus Lefèvre 1891, Microsyagrus (?) discomaculatus (Pic 1939) n. comb. for S. discomaculatus Pic 1939, Paraivongius (P.) monardi (Pic 1939) n. comb. for S. monardi Pic 1939, Paraivongius (Micromenius) auratus (Weise 1883) n. comb. for S. auratus Weise 1883, Proliniscus minutus (Jacoby 1895) n. comb. for S. minutus Jacoby 1895. Pheloticus femoralis Weise 1910 is a resurrected combination for a species previously ranged in Syagrus.

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Zoia, S. (2023). Considerations on the genus <i>Syagrus</i> Chapuis 1874 and the taxa ascribed to it (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Eumolpinae). Natural History Sciences, 10(s1).


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