The Aplocnemus Stephens, 1830, of Greece (Coleoptera, Cleroidea, Dasytidae). A contribution to their knowledge

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Gianfranco Liberti *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gianfranco Liberti |


The first part of the paper includes an overview of genus Aplocnemus and a discussion of the related subgenera; as a result one of them is placed in synonymy: Holcopleura Schilsky, 1894 = Aplocnemus (Aplocnemus) Stephens, 1830. The second part deals with the 16 Aplocnemus species found to live in Greece. Out of these, 9 are fully discussed, with descriptions and drawings of dissected structures (median lobe, tegmen, last sternite). The remaining 7 have been already – and rather recently – considered and illustrated in previous papers: for them only new taxonomic and/or distributional information are herewith supplied. One new taxon is described: Aplocnemus henrici sp. n from northern Greece and Bulgaria. 9 new synonymies, at species level, are proposed: A. macedonicus Pic, 1922 = A. (Aplocnemus) basalis (Küster, 1849); A. pristocerus Kiesenwetter, 1859 = A. (Aplocnemus) caelatus (Brullé, 1832); A. brevissimus Pic, 1908 = A. (Aplocnemus) quercicola Mulsant and Rey, 1968; A. kiesenwetteri Schilsky, 1897 = A. (Aplocnemus) rufipes Miller, 1862; A. turcicus Schilsky, 1897 = A. (Aplocnemus) reitteri Schilsky, 1894; A. cribripennis Pic, 1921 = A. (Aplocnemus) serratus (Brullé, 1832); A. latior Pic, 1908, A. thessalicus Pic, 1908 and A. atricornis Pic, 1921 = A. (Diplambe) abietum Kiesenwetter, 1859.

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