Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of San Marino

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Fabrizio Rigato
James K. Wetterer *
(*) Corresponding Author:
James K. Wetterer |


A recent catalog of the ants of Europe and surrounding areas listed no ants recorded from San Marino. One afternoon of collecting in urban sites of San Marino yielded 23 ant species: Aphaenogaster subterranea, Camponotus aethiops, Camponotus fallax, Camponotus lateralis, Camponotus piceus, Crematogaster scutellaris, Formica cunicularia, Formica gagates, Hypoponera eduardi, Lasius emarginatus, Lasius lasioides, Lasius paralienus, Messor structor, Pheidole pallidula, Plagiolepis pygmaea, Tapinoma nigerrimum s.l., Temnothorax angustulus, Temnothorax flavicornis, Temnothorax italicus, Temnothorax lichtensteini, Temnothorax tergestinus, Temnothorax unifasciatus, and Tetramorium caespitum. Surprisingly, despite collecting in heavily disturbed urban sites, none of the ants known so far from San Marino are exotic to Europe.

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