Notes on the subspecies of Pterostichus andreinii Dodero, 1922 (Insecta Coleoptera Carabidae)

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Augusto Degiovanni
Maurizio Pavesi *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Maurizio Pavesi |


The variability of the three currently recognized subspecies of the Italian endemic Pterostichus (Pterostichus) andreinii Dodero, 1922, namely Pt. andreinii andreinii, Pt. andreinii alzonae Binaghi, 1935 and Pt. andreinii battonii Straneo, 1959, is analyzed and discussed upon large materials, including part of the type series. No consistent differences are to be found in external morphology nor in aedeagus right paramere shape, both being highly variable even within each single population. The following synonymies are proposed: Pterostichus (Pterostichus) andreinii alzonae Binaghi, 1935 = Pterostichus (Pterostichus) andreinii Dodero, 1922 syn. nova; Pterostichus (Pterostichus) andreinii battonii Straneo, 1959 = Pterostichus (Pterostichus) andreinii Dodero, 1922 syn. nova. The lectotype of Pt. andreinii battonii is designated. Pt. andreinii is considered a monotypical species, endemic of Central Apennine with restricted range at the border between Umbria and Marche regions. An old record from Tuscany, well outside the ascertained range, is herewith questioned.

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