Dichoropetalum schottii: examination of the type specimen, distribution and comparison with D. carvifolium-chabraei (Apiaceae)

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Eugene V. Kljuykov *
Tatiana A. Ostroumova
Fabio Conti
Patricia M. Tilney
(*) Corresponding Author:
Eugene V. Kljuykov | kljuykov@gmail.com


The lectotype and isolectotype specimens of Peucedanum schottii, based on plants originally cultivated in Cremenets Botanical Garden, have been studied in detail. The geographic provenance of the plants is unknown but they are identical to natural populations in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Serbia. The valid name for this plant is therefore Dichoropetalum schottii. It differs from a related species, D. carvifolium-chabraei, in having glabrous umbel rays, white (not yellow) petals, long styles and solitary secretory ducts in fruit valleculae.

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