Four new combinations in Jacobaea Mill. (Asteraceae, Senecioneae) for the European flora

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Gabriele Galasso *
Fabrizio Bartolucci
(*) Corresponding Author:
Gabriele Galasso |


Based on recent advances in the phylogeny of Senecioneae, several genera, including Jacobaea, are currently separated from traditional Senecio. New combinations are here proposed for four European taxa: J. disjuncta (Flatscher, Schneew. & Schönsw.) Galasso & Bartolucci, J. insubrica (Chenevard) Galasso & Bartolucci, J. norica (Flatscher, Schneew. & Schönsw.) Galasso & Bartolucci and J. racemosa subsp. kirghisica (DC.) Galasso & Bartolucci.

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