Cases of albinism and leucism in amphibians in Italy: new reports

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Enrico Lunghi |
Alessandro Monti
Arturo Binda
Ionne Piazzi
Maurizio Salvadori
Roberto Cogoni
Luigi Andrea Riefolo
Carlo Biancardi
Sergio Mezzadri
Domenico Avitabile
Gentile Francesco Ficetola
Manuela Mulargia
Salvatore Manca
Pauline Blaimont
Anna Rita Di Cerbo
Raoul Manenti


Findings of abnormally pigmented amphibian individuals provide interesting insights on intraspecific phenotypic variability as well as on variation among populations inhabiting different habitats. Amphibian coloration is determined by chromatophores (specific epidermal cells), and a variety of abnormalities related to them have been reported. In this study we reported cases of albinism and leucism in six species of Italian amphibians, including some endemic species. For some taxa, like Hydromantes sarrabusensis, H. flavus, H. supramontis and Bufo viridis, we describe the first observations of albinism and leucism.

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Lunghi, E., Monti, A., Binda, A., Piazzi, I., Salvadori, M., Cogoni, R., Riefolo, L. A., Biancardi, C., Mezzadri, S., Avitabile, D., Ficetola, G. F., Mulargia, M., Manca, S., Blaimont, P., Di Cerbo, A. R., & Manenti, R. (2017). Cases of albinism and leucism in amphibians in Italy: new reports. Natural History Sciences, 4(1), 73-80.